New Fall Products 2013



Clover has many new and exciting products debuting for Fall. There’s so much information to share, in fact it’s too much for one post. This week is dedicated to sharing all that’s new this Fall with Clover.

Press Perfect by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs is an innovative new line of products being introduced this season. We all know that pressing is a necessary step with any sewing or quilting project. Clover and Joan have worked together to revolutionize the pressing station bringing you the new basics.

We have some great new Nancy Zieman products launching as well. One of which is the Trace n Create Quilt Templates- Carefree Curves Collection.
Nancy states: These templates create curved designs from squares and rectangles- it’s magic!

WEB_7800_2x4_Mighty_Mini_Board 7800_Mighty_Mini_Board_Out_of_Package (2)

7800- 2 x 4 Mighty Mini Board
Ideal for small projects and details on larger projects. Free-arm and squared corners allow for full use of this sturdy and compact board. Comes with a removable cover and folds flat for easy storage.

WEB_7801_2x4_Mighty_Mini_Board_replacement_Cover #7801_2x4_Mighty_Mini_Board_Replacement_Cover-2

7801- 2 x 4 Mighty Mini Board Replacement Cover
A replacement cover for the 2 x 4 Mighty Mini Board. Features a heavy duty cotton cover, drawstring cord, and hook/loop closures for a secure fit.

WEB_7802_Iron_Finger 7802_IronFinger_In_Use2

7802- Iron Finger
This multi-purpose pressing tool features a soft grip for secure and easy handling. Can be used for pressing with or without an iron. Spatula end can be used for finger pressing. Use as a raised pressing surface to prevent seam imprints from showing through on fabric. Use the handle as a seam roll to press seams open.

One thought on “New Fall Products 2013

  1. lo and behold i saw larger soft touch crochet hooks on clover’s japan website. why oh why can’t we get the in the usa = they are the absolute best hooks made!

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