Friday Finds-Create-a-Strap Woven Mat by Carol C. Porter


The weekend is here. We have a fun, quick , cute project for you this weekend.

Use left-over/odd sized remnants after making straps! Make any size you want.

This is a quick and easy gift idea for wedding showers, housewarmings or just because you want to add a splash of color to you decor.

-Carol C. Porter


Create-a Strap 1” Art No. 9502

Create-a-Strap 5/8” Art No. 9510

2” wide fabric strips

1 3/8” wide fabric strips

Sewing Machine & Thread

Rotary Cutter Art No. 7500

Mat Art No.7522

Ruler 6” x 24”

Wonder Clips Art No. 3159


Step 1: Use 2” wide strips for the 1” Create-a Strap & 1 3/8” wide strips for the 5/8” Create-a-Strap and fuse to the wrong side of the strips.


Step 2: Press seam allowances on fold lines for all strips.


Step 3: Place and hold with Wonder Clips the 5/8” strap over the back of the 1” strap; then edge stitch both edges. Press to set stitches


Note: I’ve used a straight stitch here, but now is a good time to practice all those new stitches on your machine!

Step 4: Cut strips the length to match your mat size. This project is approximately 5” x 5” so we cut our strips at 5 ½” for some “wiggle room”.  Set 5 strips in a row; then weave in one strip.  Edge stitch at the top of the woven strip, carefully, keeping all the strips even.


Step 5: Weave in the remaining strips and edge stitch around the remaining 3 sides of the mat.


Step 6: Trim edges.


Step 7: Use Wonder Clips while binding.


For a fun surprise turn the mat over for an unexpected reverse!


2 thoughts on “Friday Finds-Create-a-Strap Woven Mat by Carol C. Porter

  1. Just because you won’t use it, doesn’t mean it won’t be fun or useful for someone else. Sometimes silence is the best choice.

  2. I agree with Kathy; these mats are certainly not useless. I bet those people possessing the capacity to imagine things could come up with even more uses… but here’s a couple to get you started. These mats, exactly as shown, would make wonderful mug rugs. If you’re into larger projects, remember, just because the sample project is small, does not mean the final project has to be small. One could also incorporate the mats into a quilt, if so inclined. I’d bet it would be warm, too, because of the woven strips.

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