Tuesday Tips: Fusible Interfacing


Fusible and Bias tape makers. What are they? Maybe you’re starting out in sewing or maybe you’re an expert seamstress. Whatever the case may be, Clover would like to tell you when to use a Fusible product and our Fusible Tape Maker.


  • Simply combine the fabric type of your choice as shown in the image above, with Fusible Web and iron. You can create instant bias tapes in minutes. 
  • A textile attached to the “wrong” side of the fabric, which is the non-printed side uses a fusible interface.
  • It is used to stiffen flimsy fabric.
  • Fusible interfacing is used by ironing on your fabric. Clover has a MINI IRON II that is made for small sections and narrow corners. There are also sew in types, which means you would need to hand sew them or by machine.
  •   The weight of interfacing needs to somewhat match the weight of your fabric. 

When Should I Use Interfacing? 

  • reinforce the area for button holes
  • making purses
  • stiffening up totes
  • stiffening up a collars
  • to stabilize stretchy fabric and keep it from stretching
  • reinforce the area for button holes

There are limitless possibilities on using different types of interfacing, our favorites are fusible and Warp ‘n Fuse Piping Nancy ZiemanShape ‘n Create with Nancy Zieman (Bag & Tote Stabilizer)  We offer many kinds of convenient interfacing.

 We hope our tips help you on your sewing endeavors.

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