Make It Monday – Wonder Knitter

wonder knitterWe have a lineup of products and projects to share in July that are fun for all ages. We know by mid-summer many families are looking for a new craft to do together. We’re hoping some of these ideas will spark a new found crafting craze in your home.

This week’s feature is our Wonder Knitter. It’s an inexpensive little tool that’s quick and easy to learn. It comes packaged with two interchangeable heads to vary the size of your stitch. You’ll work the knitter with yarn or fiber to create an i-cord that can be used as a bag handle, bracelet, necklace, home decoration, or stitched onto ready made clothing in a decorative way. You can vary the finished look by varying your choice of fiber. Here’s a printable pdf with step by step instructions on how to use the Wonder Knitter.

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