Friday Finds – Beading On a Loom

Bead Weaving On a LoomWe hope you’ve been following along this week to learn more about our new Beading Loom.  It’s available now, with a whole host of accessories.  We know many of our customers may not have beading skills yet, so we created a few kits to help you get started. Using a kit to try a new craft is a fun way to try it out and learn the process before creating your own designs.  A book by Carol Porter and Fran Ortmeyer is coming out later this summer with patterns and instructions to help you take your beading to the next level.  It’s available for pre-order if you’d like to reserve a copy. We’ve also created a Pinterest Board to add all of our Bead Loom ideas. Here’s the links to all these wonderful new beading resources:

We’d love to hear about your beading experience and see your projects.  We’re always looking for beautiful projects using Clover products to add to our Pinterest Boards.

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