Make It Monday – Beaded Jewelry

frenchknitterjewelryDid you know you can make beaded jewelry with the French Knitter?  If you take a little extra time to string beads onto your thread before you start, it’s easy to work them into your design as you go along.  An Embroidery Stitching Tool Needle Threader makes the process quick and easy.  Download our inspiration sheet for more detailed instructions.  You can create many variations of this project by changing the fibers and beads you choose for your design.  Have you ever created jewelry with a french knitter?

4 thoughts on “Make It Monday – Beaded Jewelry

  1. I am currently working on girls headbands with my French Knitter. The first time around I did not like how it turned out. So I ripped it all out and tried again. This time I like it much better. Making them for my granddaughters.

    • They sound wonderful Linnea. You’re in good company with taking a second try to create a project the way you like it. Creativity takes a little time and practice sometimes. We’d love to see your finished projects.

      • I will post pictures after I have taken them. Just need to do finishing touches on the first headband and I am prepping beads and pearl cotton for two to three more. We have a heat wave coming so I want to be prepared to hang out somewhere other than home where I can stay cool and work on my french knitter or my crochet project.

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