Friday Finds – Yo-Yo Maker Inspiration

yo-yoThe fabric yo-yo had humble beginnings as a way to turn scrap fabric into beautiful embellishments with a bit of hand stitching.  It’s been translated into so much more over the years.  You’ll now see them stuffed and turned into beads in jewelry or stacked together to create trees and all sorts of critters.  You’ll also see the fabrics used have expanded from cotton and calicos to include silk, wool, velvet, and chiffon.  Clover has a line of reusable templates that snap together with stitching guides to make the process simpler and the shapes consistent.  These Yo-Yo Makers are available in 6 shapes and multiple sizes. The durability and ultra-smoothness of Clover Black and Gold Needles make them the perfect choice for all of your hand sewing projects like yo-yos. We shared a playlist of videos featuring the humble yo-yo Wednesday.  Today we’re sharing a few tips and projects we found to inspire you:

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