Friday Finds – Easter Baskets

BetterBasket-9601Easter morning is right around the corner. and we found a few last minute basket fillers to share with you.  Take a look around your crafty stash for the supplies you need to make a special surprise to tuck in with the chocolate bunnies.

The basket itself can be custom made using our Basket Frames as shown the photo up above. If you’re out of time to create a new project for the basket, consider giving a new craft supply to your budding crafter.  Clover products make creating easy for everyone, and can be purchased at your local craft shop or any of the larger craft stores.  Some beginning favorite craft tools include Pom-Pom Makers, Quick Yo-Yo Makers, Kanzashi Flower Makers, French Knitter, Hana Ami Flower Loom, and Colorful Amour Crochet Hooks.  Passing on our love of crafting is the greatest gift of all.  Happy Easter!

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