Wonder Clip Love

JumboWonderclipContest_blogOur Facebook Contest to win Jumbo Wonder Clips is going strong.  If you haven’t yet entered, be sure to like the Clover Facebook Page and share our contest post and photo on your wall. Just imagine all the ways you could use these handy little clips for your creative projects.  In the meantime, we thought we’d share a few fun ways our facebook fans use wonder clips. We can’t wait for you to add your ideas to the list.

  • Clips are great for alteration of clothing on a dress form. ~Melody
  • I would use them to secure yarn when changing colors over. ~Ann
  • They’d be great for hemming drapes made with blackout fabric that shouldn’t be pinned. ~Kd
  • Well I’d like to use the for quilting, but if my daughter finds a use for them camping first, I’ll lose them. ~Sharon
  • I use Wonder Clips instead of pins when my young granddaughters want to hand sew. ~Linda
  • I use mine most when making doll clothes, they’re better than pins for holding tiny pieces precisely where I need them. And I don’t even try to do seam binding anymore without them. The 50-count box was the #1 item on my Christmas wish list last year. ~Robin
  • Thought I had posted about the use for the clips to hold a book in place or to keep pattern I am doing in place, there is so many things you could use them for. ~Pamela
  • The red clips are great for clipping knits to the embroidery frame eliminating the hoop. Better than pins. ~Jan
  • Shared. They are lime green who cares how you use them ~Liz
  • I’m ‘Wonder’ing how many clips are in a package? ~Linda

The package of Jumbo Wonder Clips is 24 clips.  The original Wonder Clips are available in two package sizes 10 clips and 50 clips.  We look forward to hearing more ideas about how you’d use these handy little clips.  Good luck on the contest everyone!

6 thoughts on “Wonder Clip Love

  1. I would use them to hold my strips with a numbered index card for bargello quilt I am going to make next. It would help me be organized!

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