It’s a Pearly New Year at Clover

The new year brings us into our 30th Anniversary here at Clover Needlecraft U.S.A.  We’re planning a year long celebration of our Pearl Anniversary and hope you’ll join us.  The celebration begins next week at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show (CHA) in Anaheim, California.  After that, we’ll be celebrating at The National Needle Arts Trade Show (TNNA) in Long Beach, CA at the end of the month. We plan to to share photos and updates with you from these two wonderful trade shows that aren’t open to the public, so you can join the fun here online.  These shows are where your local shops go to see all the newest products and make decisions about what they want to buy to bring back to you, their loyal customers. You can get a sneak peek of our new products here.  The first few pages are the newest products we’ll be demonstrating at the trade shows. We’ll do our best to post photos for you here on the blog and on our facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and pinterest pages, so be sure to follow us there too.  Is there anything you’d like to see or hear about from the trade show floor?

2 thoughts on “It’s a Pearly New Year at Clover

  1. I love seeing all the new tools and notions every year and deciding which ones I want for my toybox. I enjoy just about any craft that uses a needle and thread so I hope you’ll have lots to tell about new sewing/quilting/embroidery gadgets!

    • Hi Robin!

      Thanks for the excitement of Clover’s new products! We are just as excited to share them with you. Please be sure to check the New Products page on the Clover Blog for the new winter 2013 items!

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