Kanzashi Necklace

This month we are focusing on our two new Kanzashi Flower Templates, the Orchid and Daisy.

These designs lend beauty to necklaces by using both flowers & sizes and portions of the flower petals.  Add whimsy to a sundress or add glamour to a cocktail dress…easy to construct and lots of kudos in return!



General supplies: Felt, Needle & Strong Thread, Clear Quick-drying Glue

General information: All of these necklaces use ribbon as a base.  This makes them very adjustable for varying necklines and needs no closure finding…just tie a bow!

“Summer Heat”



Step 1: Make 3 large Orchids and 2 large Daisies according to the package instructions.  Embellish each with a unique button.

Step 2:  Mark the center of the ribbon.  Cut a 2 ¼” diameter circle of felt.  Cut 2 slits in the felt above center and about 1” apart and 1” long.

Step 3: Feed ribbon through the felt and position on center; place a bead of glue around the felt disc; then place flower on glued felt.

Step 4: Place a pony bead on each side of the center flower.

Step 5:  Repeat Steps 2-4 for the remaining flowers.  Note: the side flowers use slits that are centered on the felt.  Place the flowers approx 1” apart.

TIP: Try the necklace on; adjust flowers and beads as needed.  For extra stability and no shifting stitch the center of the flowers through to the ribbon.

“Floral Medallions”



Step 1:  Make 1 large Orchid, 3 small Orchids and 1 small Daisy according to the package instructions.  Embellish with fun buttons.

Step 2:  Mark center of the ribbon and stitch in a mitered point.

Step 3:  Cut a 2 ¼” diameter circle from felt.  Glue under the mitered ribbon; then over the entire surface of the felt.  Place large orchid on felt.


Step 4:  Cut 1 ½” diameter circles for the smaller flowers; make center slits approx ½” apart.  Feed ribbon through the slits.  Glue the felt surface and add flower.  Repeat this step for all remaining flowers.


“Cool Breeze”



Step 1:  Make 4 small orchids and I small daisy according to package instructions.

Step 2:  Mark center and stitch in a mitered point. (See photo Step 2 “Floral Medallions”).

Step 3:  Cut 1 ½” diameter felt circles.  Follow Step 3 “Floral Medallions” for gluing and placing the center flower.

Step 4:  Cut slits in the remaining felt circles and follow Step 4 “Floral Medallions” making sure to place a pony bead between each flower.

“Summer Romance”



Step 1:  Make 1 large Orchid and 1 small Orchid. From green Fabric make 2 sets of 3 large Daisy petals (Do not pull tight.)

Step 2:  Mark center of ribbon and stitch in a mitered point. (See photo Step 2 “Floral Medallions”.)  Step 3:  Cut a 1 ½” diameter of felt for the small Orchid and a 1 ¾” x 4” rectangle for felt backing for the leaves (Daisy petals). Glue mitered point to round felt piece. Make 45° slits approx 1” apart on the rectangle and feed ribbon through.  Glue small orchid over mitered point.


Step 4:  Place the 3 Daisy petals (Green Leaves) on the felt rectangle as shown and stitch or glue into place.

Step 5:  Glue the center area between and on the inner edges of the leaves; then place the large Orchid.

Step 6:  Trim away any of the green felt that maybe showing being careful to hold the ribbons away from the scissor points.

Hope you will enjoy making these necklaces or ones like them…and please share your creations with us!

2 thoughts on “Kanzashi Necklace

  1. I like the new templates. They are easier to sew, compared to the other ones. Probably because the ‘holes’ in the templates are close to the edge and don’t cross over the entire template.

    I’ve made a few from the Orchid template + decorated with tatting and buttons. They are fun to use

  2. I have purchased all the templates now and will be making the necklace and probably some brooches too. Thank you so much for this idea. They will make great presents.

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