Return from TNNA

The Clover crew just returned from beautiful (and hot) Columbus, Ohio and The National Needlework (TNNA) show.  For us in the Northwest the heat and sunshine each day was mind boggling but much enjoyed.

How could one have anything but a fantastic day when waking to sunrises like this each morning.

The sights and new trends in knitting and crochet were overwhelming and made me want to rush to my yarn stash and start working on some of the beautiful designs we saw at the annual fashion show.

We saw lots of lace work and ruffles….fine yarns and intricate stitch patterns….soft and flowing patterns that will flatter any figure size and shape.

Colors were in the neutral, earth tones with splashes of what I call “happy” colors.This dress was just flat out jaw dropping gorgeous.  To realize the time invested in making this beautiful creation takes my breath away.  It speaks of a love of knitting and fashion and the desire to make an heirloom piece to wear and pass along to future generations.

That said, I am afraid I will appreciate all involved and stick to my smaller projects, knowing they will have a chance at being finished!

Excuse the blurry pics….those girls were moving fast.

I need to close and finish a couple CLAM SHELLS with a Christmas theme for our next show.  I will share the pictures!

See you!

One thought on “Return from TNNA

  1. Love the Christmas clam shell. Victorian like. That’s a pretty wild looking sunrise pic. Thank you for sharing.

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