Kanzashi “Tree of Life” Wall Decor

Clover has done it again, adding two NEW Kanzashi styles to their existing Kanzashi makers. The daisy and orchid flowers will have you hooked and wanting to embellish everything in site! This month the Clover Blog will be featuring how to embellish with all the Kanzashi Flower Makers.

The new daisy and orchid are so beautifully created that you will be proud and want to display them in your home or office.  Alicia Carr, Clover’s in-house designer, created a one of a kind Kanzashi “Tree of Life” home décor wall hanging.

Bring the fresh summer season to you with this bright floral piece. Using colorful assorted fabrics, a selection of jeweled buttons, a purchased cherry blossom branch or any natural branch, and an open frame. You will be on your way to adding a new pop of color to your decor.

Supplies needed

•    15” x 32” Shadow Box

•    Velvet to cover the Shadow Box Background (Optional)

•    1 Cherry Blossom Branch

•    Art No. 8486 Kanzashi Flower Maker Orchid small

•    Art No. 8487 Kanzashi Flower Maker Orchid large

•    Art No.8488 Kanzashi Flower Maker Daisy small

•    Art No. 8489Kanzashi Flower Maker Daisy large

•    8 assorted solid fabrics for the flowers

•    18 assorted buttons for flower centers

•    Needle & Quilting Thread

•    Florist Wire

•    T-Pins

How to create

Start by making a variety of about 18 Kanzashi Flowers.

Collage has:

•    8 Large Orchids

•    4 Small Orchids

•    4 Large Daisies

•    2 Small Daisies

Finish the center of the flowers by inserting the florist wire through the button eyelet and pass the wire through the center of the flower.


1.   Center the cherry blossom branch or natural branch of your choosing on the frame background and secure using T-pins.

2.   Wire the flowers to the branch

Once complete find that special spot to hang the wall collage to greet your friends and guests…and usher in Summertime!

These instructions and other project ideas can be downloaded on Clover website.

In the coming weeks

July 12 – Kanzashi Necklace

July 19 –  Kanzashi Embellishments

July 26 – Guest blogger Diane Gilleland on paper Kanzashi projects

10 thoughts on “Kanzashi “Tree of Life” Wall Decor

  1. Wow…I like. Very pretty. I will copy the instructions. Thank you! I have all the templates to make the flowers.

  2. You do realize these aren’t even close to true tsumami kanzashi, don’t you? Kanzashi are not made using templates, and are NEVER sewn. Sewn petals are sloppy and limited, and on the whole actually take longer and are not any easier than glue. When the basic technique is removed, these are just simple fabric flowers, and although cute, should be called such.

    It’s like comparing knitting and crochet, both fiber arts, and the end results are fairly similar looking, but to say one is the same as the other is not right. technique is everything, and it’s not so difficult that the average person can’t do it. Kanzashi made either completely in the traditional way or with modern fabrics and glues provide so much more control over variety and neatness. Save yourself time and money, ditch the templates, invest in a good set of tweezers and some glue, and make something truly beautiful, not generic and reminiscent of a kindergartener’s craft.

    A good tutorial: (not mine) http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=kanzashi+tutorial#/d1ppoml

  3. hello i would like to have kanzashi maker, but how to order? im from Malaysia currency using MYR..did Clover have dealer in Malaysia?

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