Clam Shells Continued!

For several weeks now I have been writing about my adventures with our Clam Shell.  It has been a fun ride with the little containers and I have so many ideas that want to become a Clam Shell I may have to retire to get them all done.

It has been a delight to read the blog responses and a big thank you to all that took their time to jot a note…we have all enjoyed hearing from you.

I have loved the creative ideas for the “boys” in our lives no matter their ages…one comment involved camo material and cording, another was a Pirate theme with a belt loop so it could be worn.  We can’t wait to see pictures of your creations.

I am finishing some Christmas ornaments using the templates and will share those with you on my personal blog space – Fran’s Corner so be sure to check them out.

For now here is a video demonstrating how to create the Clam Shells

2 thoughts on “Clam Shells Continued!

  1. Thanks I have purchased the kits. Can you purchase just the forms after you already have the instructions?

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