Clam Shell Embellishments

The Clam Shell is about creative embellishments and I had a great time cross stitching, embroidering with Clover’s Kantan beading tool and needle punching designs on one with Clover’s Needle Punch tool. I made two using designer fabrics and turned them into evening clutches with a closure and fancy button.  We have made one with needlepoint and needle felting using our Needle Felting Pen and our needle felting moulds.  With embroidery work whether by hand or using Clover’s Kantan beading tool or the twilling processes you can work holiday related designs on your Clam Shells.

The gold fashion material was made into an evening clutch using the large template.  I added a cord and button for closure.

If you can think it up you can make it using this quick and simple product.

One technique I came across that has been around a very long time and is a form of needle lace is TWILLING.  I fell in love with the finished look and of course had to purchase a kit to get myself started.  I have fallen in love with “twilling” and am using it to embellish our latest Clam Shell.  Twilling is a series of “needle lace knots” that make lovely embellishments.

I am finishing the twilling and am anxious to put it together

Can’t wait to hear about your the new Clam Shells .

Leave a comment on the blog and you will be eligible for a drawing of the three Clam Shell sizes.


24 thoughts on “Clam Shell Embellishments

  1. I would love to win this clam shell. I live on Maui and walk the beaches every day and pick up shells. I would embelish mine with shells and bead. Hope I win, and when I do I will send in a picture for everyone to see. Aloha from Maui

    • Bernadine, i would absolutely love to see how you embellish the Clam Shell with shells and beads. Bead work of any kind is so popular right now.

  2. I’ve been following the posts about the clam shell with interest because a friend has asked me to make a couple of them for her to give as “I’m thinking of you” gifts. Love the twilling, by the way.

    • Margaret i have become so obsessed with Twilling I fear my family and friends will start hiding their clothing for fear I will find and “Twill” them. you can look up twilling on utube and get some great directions. what a nice friend you are to make the Clam Shells for your friend!

  3. The clam shells are really neat! I especially love the colors and design in the first one. The blue, orange, black and salmon colors compliment each other very well. Thank you for showing us how to make them.

    • Nancy, we have the three sizes right now but wouldn’t be surprised if we cant convince the powers that be to make a larger template. the response to this product has been super.

  4. Would love to have this kit to create custom gifts for an upcoming wedding. Moms, flower girl, bridesmaids, etc. A bit of satin, some beads, and with time I can imaging a very elegant gift. Twilling looks like something new to look into. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas and techniques.

    • Irene, if you know someone or you have a machine that embroiders you can put the couples name and date of wedding and they make awesome place card holders for the tables.

  5. i have been looking around here for months for the clam sheels and cannot find one. i live in a small country town. so i would love to win one. thanks for the chance to win one.

  6. This is the first time I have seen this clam shell. WOW it looks like a lot of fun!! All of the ones on the blog are great!! I would love to get one and try it out!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  7. These are just great – you can dress them up or down. What a great gift idea for the grands – frilly for my granddaughter, camo and cording for the grandson. Stocking stuffers anyone!

  8. I love reading this blog and learning about all the new products. Clover always comes out with the coolest ideas to make crafting easy. How do I get job at clover? 🙂

    • Bertha and all the other bloggers thanks so much for your kind comments. i am just dying to see some pics from all of you so we can share even more ideas for decorating the clam shells.

  9. Beautiful work Fran, LOVE the functionality and versatility of this product. i would ribbon emboirder mine,add a zipper and make coin purses.

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