Hairpin Lace Patterns

Researching hairpin lace patterns, history, tools and such I came across several pictures without instructions.  I did find one tutorial on circular hairpin lace design work but it was in Spanish and the only Spanish I know is “how much please” and “where is the bathroom please”….didn’t help me much with the tutorial but I was able to watch and understand the process.

The pictures below show the process and the beautiful results.  Hopefully I will be able to find directions and share them with you or direct you to a web site that has them.

I have made 14 of these and will join them, adding more until I have a table runner for my dining room table.

Making hairpin lace fringe is very easy.  When making the “strip of loops” keep the crochet joining of the loops close to one of the posts with your loom.

Good Luck and be sure to share your projects!

6 thoughts on “Hairpin Lace Patterns

    • Gloria, i will be having more info on hairpin lace later on in the summer. hopeyou give it a try and share your results with us.

    • Teri, google it and see all the wonderful things you can find. our tool has awesome instructions on how to make the basic lace strip. Joining the strips is where the beauty comes in.

  1. your circular hairpin motifs are wonderful!! i like that you are posting information about hairpin lace on the Clover Blog… but i really wish you would have included the link to the spanish tutorial that you found in the post also! it seems i DID help you, and i’m sure there are some spanish speakers who visit this blog (Clover IS an international company after all!) and with the advent of so many different translation sites, it’s never been easier to understand what people all around the globe are writing, thinking & CRAFTING!!! 😀

    ❤ Jess.S

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