Clam Shells..Clam Shells..Clam Shells!

The Clover crew made it to Kansas City, MO to the INTERNATIONAL QUILT MARKET and had a wonderful time.  You will hear more from Carol regarding the market, what was new and all the other good stuff!! We were very busy as we introduced our newest product…… THE CLAM SHELL …. Which was a big hit but we did take our breaks and quickly walked the isles to see all the beautiful new patterns, fabric and new techniques being used.

It is always a treat to introduce a new product so let me tell you a little bit about our newest addition to the great product line Clover offers.


What are they, you ask!  Awesome little containers that open when squeezed at the points.

The package contains 6 pieces of memory plastic-like material.  Three smaller pieces for the inside and 3 larger for the outside along with great directions for putting this cute little container together.

Three sizes, small, medium and large.  Notice the blue one on the left – I needle punched the blue spaces on the material and created quite a different look.

I think they make a great gift container and we all have decided to put our jewelry in one while traveling.  The small one would make a darling “tooth fairy” container.

After making a few it dawned on me that they are the shape of an ornament so the light bulb went off and I pulled out Christmas fabric and beads.  By covering the design with beads and a few sequins I had a wonderful ornament to contain my grandchildren’s gift card or money.  This way they will have an ornament to keep and use on their tree when they marry…..should their wife allow them to use them!!!

The Clam Shell is about creative embellishments and I am having a great time cross stitching, embroidering with Clover’s Kantan beading tool and needle punching designs on one with Clover’s Needle Punch tool.

Be sure to check back with the Clover blog on more ways to embellish your Clam Shell cases! Remember to post your comments for a chance to win!

Prize package

In the weeks to come..

June 14 –  Step by step instructions on how to create Clam Shell Cases

June 21 –  Embellishing with beads, cross stitch, twilling

June 28 – Embellishing continue & helpful tips

23 thoughts on “Clam Shells..Clam Shells..Clam Shells!

    • Margaret, I fell in love with the small one for just that purpose…i have been looking for a cross stitch pattern of a tooth or small fairy. if one had a machine that embroiders the possibilities are endless. Put the childs name on it….if you make one please share a picture…would love to see it.

  1. oh pretty!!! so many things can be made, party favors, small gifts, gift card holders…my mind is spinning…now on my want list

    • that’s what i like to hear….excitement….if you make any please share pics. i am in love with these little guys and can’t wait to see what great uses others come up with.

  2. These are both functional and cute. Would love to try embellishing with my other Clover faves like the fabric rose or small kanzashi flowers. Definitely on my crafter *WANT* list!

    • Irene, we have two new Kanzashi designs and the small one would be perfect on these shells. i go nuts with them, the more i make the more possibilities that present themselves.

    • Nora, you know we have a drawing at the end of the month for a give away on the featured item so you have a good chance of being choosen.

  3. I have been reading and this sounds really interesting!! I want to try that embroidery tool. The finished product is beautiful!!

    • Tammy, the Needle Punch Embroidery Tool is fun to work with. Just find a piece of material that shouts embellishment and go to work.

  4. I Love those clam shells! I have purchased some in the past and used them for gift holders. I would like to know the max size you can make them in. Would you include the in your future posts please? Thanks!

  5. Those look very interesting. I like the ornament idea! Can’t wait to try making some. They remind me a bit of the plastic canvas triagles we used to make and put a chocolate kiss in them.

  6. I LOVE THIS … However i’m always so upset that things like This , The Bag templates that have been featured recetly , They dont sell them at any craft stores we have , and I know i could Buy them online … But i really like to SEE the product and look it over before i buy… but maybe one day i’ll get lucky and win one of the awesome prize packs !!
    I’d love to try things like this , so i have some new cool things to post on my new blog … oh well like every time i post i hope to win something something and have fingers crossed !!!

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