Trace ‘n Create Bag Template “City Bag” Collection Chic Plus Bag by Carol Porter

This bag was great for Autumn/Winter…..

This bag will easily carry me through Spring/Summer dressing.  Great with casual crops and tees, yet just dressy enough for Summer sundresses.

From the first time I saw this made up in one of my favorite local quilt shops, I wanted to use the same fabrics and make my own.

Two things I wanted to do to was to get this nice shot of lemony green in the flap and to make the flap round (easier to pipe) playing off the flower design.

In order to do this I needed to modify the template.  Using a dessert dish I matched the edges of the template and traced my curve


Next I prepared my piping by using Wrap ‘n Fuse

Wrap the bias fabric strip over the piping and fuse…it comes that way with the fusible web already on the piping!  No cumbersome stitching.

Next I used a zipper foot and added the piping to the right side of my flap.

So simple, so easy, and so custom!

Clover’s new Wonder Clips made holding the strap connectors in place so nice…no shifting and no bent pins!

I’ve enjoyed sharing these ideas with you and would love to see your variations.

3 thoughts on “Trace ‘n Create Bag Template “City Bag” Collection Chic Plus Bag by Carol Porter

  1. I love the bags especially the ease of the templates. I have the country hobo bag template.
    Have you ever done anything with it? If so would like to see your ideas and results. Thanks

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