Gift giving with the Basket Frames

We always think of ways to use our basket frames…then the gift basket idea came to mind.  Here we made a beautiful gift set perfect for friends, co-workers, siblings, and parents!  Check out what we’ve created!

Handmade Basket Bath Set  

Here we bought shower gel, body lotion, body spray, chocolates, and candles.  This basket will be a gift of relaxation!


For this gift basket we used the Large Oval Basket Frame Art no. 8425

Designed by Alicia Carr

Cut purple fabric into ½” strips then add ¼” gold satin ribbon on the basket rim. We matched the color of the fabric to the Lavender scent bath set. Put the shower gel, body lotion, body spray, covered chocolates, and candle inside the basket then add some shredded cellophane filler or paper to stabilize the bath set. Wrapped the gift basket with white tulle, add ribbon to finish.

Here we used raffia to make the basket to hold our washcloths and body spray.  This idea is perfect for a house warming gift.

Also, we made a small square basket filled with gum drops for a party favor.  We used fabric strips on the basket frame and a flower Kanzashi to finish the basket.

We hope you enjoy these Basket making ideas!

Till next week.

19 thoughts on “Gift giving with the Basket Frames

  1. It’s simple and chic designs..but i think, it will be more beautiful if you use sparkling-tulle, or maybe tile with motif on my country we usually make package like this for special events, like wedding..and we usually, decorating every item on i’ll tag the picture. sorry if my english not well..^^

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