Two Different Fibers In One Fabulous Look

This week we want to show you some advance techniques just to get those creative juices flowing…possibilities abound!

Those who have seen this Pink and Gray Necklace and Bracelet set at some of our shows have picked it out as a favorite.

The necklace was done by combining monofilament and pink metallic yarn.

Here is the recipe:

String 175 beads on the monofilament only. We used Beadalon SuppleMax

Use the 5 pegs and with both the fibers make enough rounds to drop one side of the necklace to 4” or the length you desire; then cast-off only the yarn.

Drop a bead between each peg, every round until all beads are knitted.

To add the yarn back in; feed it down through the center of the French Knitter and begin knitting again with both fibers.

Add a ribbon finding and a closure.

String 204 beads on the yarn.

Use the 6 pegs and place a bead between each peg, every row until all beads are knitted.

After casting-off remove the bracelet from the French knitter.

Thread the beginning string using a large blunt Darning Needle, and open the cast-off end.

Insert the needle through the center of

the tube and out through the open end.

Turn the bracelet inside out.

The same process of the necklace was done on this stunning Black and Silver Necklace…a purchased pendant was added.

Who knew French Knitting (Spool Knitting) could be so glamorous?!

Enjoy next week’s French Knitter Jewelry saga……


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83 thoughts on “Two Different Fibers In One Fabulous Look

  1. I like the pink/grey one the best, I love those colors together! I wonder if the bracelets would be bulky or heavy, though?

  2. The spool kniter looks to be great! I have MS so the days of knitting are few. Good for me, I can do sitting in my chair of an evening. Am always looking for something new to spark my interest. Thank you for great and innovative products.

  3. Wow! The pink necklace is awesome. Is that the princess necklace? I still need to look into the Clover product line. Thank you for sharing. This is really neat.

  4. I can’t wait to own this tool. I tried to purchase one on the Clover site, but it indicates there are none at this time. Where else can I purchase one?

  5. I WANT THIS please pick me pick me pick me I guess that I was around too many kids today but it does say what I kinda mean though

  6. Thank you for these fun ideas. The necklace and bracelt are beautiful. I’m eager to see more ideas and hope to be able to try this myself.

  7. the french knitter is amazing, this will make jewelry making much quicker, and i’m sure i could have parties and teach other people how to use it and how easy making jewelry can be, please pick me to win this prize. thank you , julia cook

  8. I have tried chocheting with beads and did not find any fun doing it. With the French Knitter it looks very easy and fun.

  9. very beautiful jewelry. I would like to learn to use the french knitter. I crochet, do beading and am learning chainmaille. This would fit in completely with skills I already have.

  10. I live how this jewelry looks I have been crocheting bracelets but I’m going to try this technique next. Thanks for the creativity!

  11. I have used a french knitter for making friendship bracelets but without the beads. I can’t wait to try it with beads. These are so beautiful.

  12. sorry, I am not to crazy about the 2 fiber bracelet…looks kind of messy to me…I am into the small dainty look…

  13. This is an awesome kit!! I so need this as I’m a “tool-junky”!!!! Great way to combine my most favorite craft products: yarn and beads! It doesn’t get any better than this!!! Can’t wait to try it out!!! – Debbie

  14. I’m new at this. But here goes.
    This is something I would like to add to my list of hobbies.
    The pieces are beautiful. I have already ordered the French Knitter.

  15. I would love to win this and learn to use it since I make jewelry and have just taught myself to crochet. The pieces here are beautiful, would love to make them and more….

  16. I have been doing wire crochet and it it cool, but, this looks fabulous! Will have to look for the tool, unless I win it!!!!!!!!

  17. This looks like so much fun. I used to do this kind of knitting when young using a spool with nails in it. It was fun then but I never knew how to make anything other than a rope. Can’t wait until the french knitter is available to try it. I’ve just started making jewelry by crocheting wire and beads and that’s a lot of fun. It would be great to win this.

  18. I was taught how to do this by my grandmother using a wooden spool with nails in it. That was a loooong time ago (50 years)! I made placemats with those long strands. I enjoyed doing it then. Can’t wait to try this. I do crochet jewelry with wire and beads also. Love the pink and gray set.

  19. This jewelry looks fantastic. Looking forward to making some of it. I enjoyed this type of knitter as a child; now I’m 70 years of age and want to do it again. Thanks

  20. I relate to the commenter who referenced a spool with nails. I, too, used that about 60 years ago & had completely forgotten about it. I will now return to my “roots” and use beads and yarn along with monofilament. Already, I have colorful visions to express.

  21. I am so enjoying this website. I love crafts and the easier the craft the better. This one appears to be easy and produces beautiful results. Hope I win the kit, would love to have it.

  22. OMG this jewellery is just so beautiful….each time you show a new pattern….I just pray and cross my fingers that I win the French Knitter Jewellery set…I am just so excited…I sure hope I’m one of the lucky winners??

  23. Simply A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. it would be amazing to win this giveaway too ^^)
    thank you so much
    with love

  24. What GREAT work!! So creative, yet so simple. I would be honored to win such a valuable prize. Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. This knitter is great!! It looks like several tools wrapped up into one. I like it! Thank you for the giveaway.

  26. The necklace is an eye catcher, just beautiful. I’ m waiting for my French Knitter kit. Does it come with “instruction for Dummies”? i hope it’s easier to make then it looks.

  27. I love making jewelry and am always looking for new techniques to try. This would be a wonderful addition to my jewelry supplies!

  28. I haven’t used a french knitter since I was a child & made clothes & animals for my Tiny Tears doll. I never thought of adding beads to them, but I doubt we had any back then!

  29. I used to cork as a kid…A wooden spool with 4 nails…I made rugs and all sorts of neat things

    This looks so exciting…I sure hope I win one of the gift sets….Where in CANADA , can these be purchased…

    I’m curious, are all the patterns that are shown here going to be included??

  30. I sure hope I win one of the French Knitter prize packs , as I am so excited to get started on some of these designs shown on the BLOG…they are just beautiful and I am an eager beaver
    thank you so much

  31. I thought the necklace and bracelet were just beautiful. It is definitely something I would try to make if I had the right equipment to make it.

  32. I would like to win the gift to make necklace I do not have any money to buy equipment because I have no job. I love making all kinds of things that’s in the back of my head but no money to support dreams.

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