E-Tablet and Paper Tablet Project

Trace ‘n Create E-Tablet and Paper Tablet Keepers was introduced at the same time as the Fuse ‘n Gather and Fuse ‘n Bind.  I am an avid reader and was gifted with an E-Reader last Christmas.  I carry it everywhere I go and have to admit the cover is getting a little “worn” looking.  When I received the template I was gung ho to whip out a beautiful cover for it…….BUT……..I don’t sew garments or crafty projects well.  Something about directions and my lack of finishing techniques just doesn’t work well.  I was determined to make one and it took the help of our demonstrator Beckie Hansen to walk me through it.

Bless Beckie for her patience and for not laughing at my less than perfect first attempt.  I have to admit that I did a lot of “redoing”…we all know what that means.  Give me yarn, thread and hook or needles and I can impress you, but give me fabric and a pattern (other than quilting) and I run for the hills or hide behind the door until now because it’s so much fun!

When I saw these fabrics I knew it was the perfect cover for my much loved E-Reader.

For my second attempt I chose the I-Pad size.


Remember, following directions (written, thank you) isn’t easy for me so I highlighted each step for the particular size I wanted and that made it easier. I have applied my interfacing at this point.

Cutting the batting I found the Wonder Clips extremely helpful to hold the bulk of the batting.  I carry some Wonder Clips in my purse….they are so handy for all kinds of projects.

The strap is made using Create-A-Strap; Velcro is positioned once again using the Wonder clip to hold the Velcro because a pin didn’t want to cooperate.

The D-Ring  is positioned and I am ready to stitch.

I love using the Chaco-liner to mark the positions for straps, etc.  Can you see the little teeth?  They lay down a fine line of chalk which makes life so pleasant for us sewing challenged.

Blue iPad cover and Peach E-Reader cover

I don’t have an I-Pad but have faith in the saying, “Build it and they will come”.  I just want to be ready.

I used two different D-Rings from Clover’s Bag Hardware on the E-Reader and I-Pad covers.

I found the clear stretchy elastic material and do suggest you double it if that is your choice.

Some tips I can share from my experiences…

  1.  Read the directions and highlight the areas you are using.
  2.  Use your Wonder Clips (less bloodshed)
  3. Don’t forget to leave the top open to insert your Pre-Cut Tablet Keeper Shapers.
  4. Use the template to mark the strap position….don’t “eyeball” it…it won’t work.
  5. Have fun and don’t be too critical of what you have made.

13 thoughts on “E-Tablet and Paper Tablet Project

  1. I just finished an E-reader cover and LOVE the Wonder Clips!!! It was the first project I’ve used them for but they will be right there with the pins from now on. I was so excited about them that I immediately reached my quilting sister-in-law in ND to insist that she get some of “these wonderful new gadgets called Wonder Clips and you might as well get the large box. You will be sorry if you don’t!”.

  2. I was making one for a Kindle Fire and redid a number of steps. In the end it looked great and thats the bottom line for me.

  3. I think you did a wonderful job, for a self-proclaimed novice! Both of your projects look lovely. Plus it’s good to get the opinion of someone who does’nt ‘know it all’! Nancy’s instructions are normally clear and easy anyway but this confirms it. Good job!

  4. I’m waiting to gather everyone’s suggestions/tips before I start one of my own. They are all wonderful and all of the fabric selections make me think “I want one similar to her’s…”. Thanks for the inspriation and the very helpful hints.

  5. I haven’t made one yet. Although I did have to trim the IPad Tablet Shapers about an inch on the side, to fit my Android Tablet. Now I just need to go to the fabric store and get all the other supplies. I am going to make a cover for my Nook e-reader (the small size fits it.) and one for my Android Tablet. I can’t wait to get them done! I think this project will be fairly easy for me to do.

    Thank you all for the information you have given.

  6. I love your fabric choices for your covers. They are beautiful. I like your thinking about make it & it will come. I don’t have an IPad either…..maybe I should make a cover! I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us.

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