Fun With Hana-Ami Flower Loom

Oh WOW!!! Just got back from a week in Dallas and nearly died in the heat. I joke. Fortunately we were inside the hotel and event hall so didn’t have to go outside. It was HOT, HOT, HOT! And my heart goes out to all those folks dealing with the fires. I have one cousin in Texas that lost his house and three cars to the fire and another friend with van packed waiting for the mandatory evacuation notice. May rain come soon for these folks.

We were there for a small show and working it was fun and, as always, it was good to see special friends. I got to spend the whole time there working with the Hana Ami loom. I started a baby blanket and love the lacy look of the finished blocks but wonder if the lacy part will be functional for a baby. Babies love to poke their little fingers and feet through openings in their blankets.

I used the hexagon-shaped blue template to work the flowers.

Notice the pink center… you get a neat center if you wrap the yarn as shown around the guide post. It makes for easier stitching of the center.

In these pictures you can see how the threads look when wrapped around the center post.

Center post removed and gold pin positioned to start securing center strands.

Notice that the center post has been removed and the gold needle positioned to start securing the center strands. I have removed the blue template from the tan holder as it is easier to stitch the center.

It's easier to stitch the center when the blue template is separated from the tan piece.

Pay attention to the direction of the needle for finishing the center. You will always take your thread to the opposing loop as you go around the template.

The needle is coming up at the lower right hand side of the first thread and the picture below shows the finished center. Tie threads off in back and clip. I put just a TOUCH of fabric glue on the knots to keep them from unraveling as the project is used or washed.

Take thread to opposing loop as you go around template.

Tie threads in back, clip, and use a touch of fabric glue to prevent raveling.

Once the “flower” has been removed from the template, it’s now ready for the crocheted edging.

Ready for the crochet edging!

Work with three loops at a time.

On the hexagon there are 18 loops so we will be working in threes.

In the three loop sequence there is one loop that is taller than the others. That sequence is repeated around … 1 tall – 2 short.

Start with a short petal and Chain 4.

Follow the instructions below to connect the three loops.

Repeat the process all the way around the flower.

Starting with the short petal, chain 4

Double crochet twice in next (long) petal, chain 4, 2 double crochet twice in same loop,

One double crochet in next short loop, chain one, double crochet in next short loop.

Repeat around the flower, ending with a join in the 3rd stitch of starting chain.

Start the second round with Chain 4

SECOND ROUND — Chain 4 in joining chain, (counts as 1 dbl crochet), dbl crochet in each of previous dbl crochet to 2 dbl, chain 4, 2 dbl space. Make shell in space (2dbl, chain 4, 2 dbl) continue in double crochet stitches to next shell corner … DON’T FORGET TO DBL CROCHET IN THE SPACE BETWEEN YOUR SHORT LOOPS.

Follow instructions carefully!

Continue around the flower.

11 stitches between center of corner shells

There will be a total of 11 sts from center of corner shell to center of corner shell.

Stitch the blocks together to make a baby blanket afghan using worsted weight yarn. For a hat, make your blocks, fit to head, pick up and crochet the cap portion using any crochet hat pattern. Or, use as cuffs on mittens. Use Clover’s Elastic Yarn Thread when you crochet the blocks together and use as a headband! The list of possibilities goes on and on and on, so get out your Hana Ami and go wild with your creativity.

Stitch your pieces together.

I will post pics as I finish the baby blanket and the brown and orange (one grandson’s favorite colors) afghan.

Grandson's favorite colors

OHHHHHHHH!!!!  I am going to use my leftover yarns to make the centers and work them together with black yarn to create a hexagon granny square afghan. I think I could be in a lot of trouble here! There are only so many hours in a day.

Baby BlanketOnce you get going, you can't stop!

Couldn’t resist … had to whip out some with black edging. I’m in trouble … not much housework is gonna get done in the next few days, I think!

Happy stitching.

5 thoughts on “Fun With Hana-Ami Flower Loom

  1. I was making a loom flower blanket for my 3 year old and caught her playing in the flowers. She had pulled the petals to where they were just a singled tangled strand.
    My concern: The outer petals will be proctected as they will be crocheted together but how do I keep the center flowers from unraveling? I noticed if I tug too much on one smaller petal the opposite side starts to shrink into the loop…

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