Clover goes to Puerto Rico!

We came for a week of demonstration to the tropical and enchanted island of Puerto Rico!  Puerto Rico is a small island located in the Caribbean Sea and only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide.  The weather was hot and humid, but the scenery was beautiful.    We were greeted by the sign in the hotel lobby “Puerto Rico Does It Better”.  What a great way to start our demo exploration!

Puerto Rico Does it Better

Cobble stones in Old San Juan where you can find many shops and restaurants.

A peacock greeted us outside the hotel.

Outside the Convention Center where we spent 2 days of demonstration.

Centro De Conventionales De Puerto Rico

The people were eager and excited to see the New Kanzashi Flower Makers being demonstrated by Alicia Salazar.  They were patiently waiting for their turn to see how this tool is being used.

Then off to Capri Department Stores which is similar to Wal-mart Stores.  They have everything you can possibly imagine from clothing to food.  We spent 4 days demonstrating and it was jammed packed every day.  The picture shown below was taken inside the Capri store with our staff Melanie,  Alicia, and Raquel.

Our trip won’t be complete without tasting the island’s local cuisine.  The Yellow Fin Snapper dish below was unbelievable.   We LOVE Puerto Rico!  The food was fantastic, the people are warm and hospitable.  And the scenery is beautiful.  We will BE BACK!!!

Yellow Fin Snapper - YUMMY!

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