I know most of you out there have made a Pom-Pom at one time or another in your life –or– you have had something with a pom-pom on it.  If you haven’t used Clover’s Pom-Pom Makers you have been working too hard.  My 7 yr old grandson, Garret, loves making pom-pom’s…especially the big ones.  That’s just how easy it is to use the Pom-Pom makers.  Check out these pom-pom ornaments.  How creative and fun!

As much as I have to say it, summer is in its final days and it is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and cold weather knitting/crocheting projects.   I have seen some really cool hats to knit and they all have pom-pom’s on them….at the top of the hat or on the strings from the ear flaps.  Sooooooooooooooo………. I am pulling yarn for these hats which will be Christmas gifts for my 4 grandsons…and maybe one for my soon to be grandson-in-law.  Check out these pom-pom ornaments.  How creative and fun!

I have friends that walk in the 3-day 60 mile breast cancer awareness event each year.  They walk in memory of their mother.  If you haven’t seen some of these walkers it would be worth your time to check it out on the internet.  They dress up in all kinds of get ups and pink is the color of choice.  They guys wear hot pink bras….I would like to know exactly where they get ones that big but hey, what ever gets the public’s attention.  This year hot pink pom-poms using our Extra Large Pom-pom Maker were seen on several of the walkers…use your imagination….so, the mighty pom-pom is not just for hats!

Burda Magazine showed pom-poms made out of Raffia which have a totally different look.  Put a pretty button or jewel in the center which flattens the pom-pom out and you have an awesome embellishment for your flip-flops, straw hats and purses.  The Raffia fits right in with the summer time straw bags and accessories we all love to use.

Pom-pom’s are not just for yarn….try different fibers and see how exciting that old pom-pom can be.

Clover’s Pom-Pom Makers come in a variety of sizes to fit all your needs.

Extra Small (3127) 2 per pack – 3/4″ & 1″ size finished

Small (3124)    2 per pack – 1 3/8″ & 1 5/8″ size finished

Large ( 3126)   2 per pack – 2 1/2″ & 3 3/8″ size finished

Extra Large (3128) 1 per pack – 4 1/2″ size finished

Don’t forget the awesome Heart Shaped Pom-Pom Makers in Small and Large for a truly creative finish to your projects.  For project ideas seen here visit our website.

4 thoughts on “PROJECTS: POM-POM’S

  1. How do you keep the finished pom pom from pulling apart when you tug at the strands. I making these for babies and they will pull them apart!! Any suggestions would be great!

    • Oh Catherine, how awful…believe me, when I first started working with the PomPom Makers, I, too, had problems UNTIL I read the directions carefully and did exactly what they say about tieing it off. As I understand your question though you are concerned about babies pulling the yarn pieces out of the PomPom once made…..Clover does not recommend PoomPoms on clothing for infants for this reason. The only suggestion I could make is to put some fabric glue around the tie in the center before you fluff it up. I don’t guarantee that this will hold the strands against pulling but you can test one and see.
      thanks for your comments.

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