Catching Up!

Life has been hectic since Quilt Market and most days I wouldn’t know if I were coming or going without the help of post-it-notes and gentle reminders from Carol Porter and Bill Gardner! A big thanks to them for always having my back. Time moves too quickly and once I post an entry I think of a zillion things I forgot to share.

During the blogs on crochet lace I started two receiving blankets for the new baby our Graphics Designer, Leslie, was expecting. I finished the blue one and posted a pic of it but just finished the lavender (purple being Mom’s favorite color) and wanted to share it with you, also.

Crocheted lace edging on receiving blanket

First crocheted edging on receiving blanket

These little cotton blankets are just perfect for the newborn and make for a very special keepsake gift.


To the reader from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands asking about someone there to make a baby quilt for her … I do not know any quilters personally but do know there is an active quilt group on the Island and they would be able to help you. Congrats on the baby and good luck finding someone to make this wonderful quilt.



Indygo Junction's Yo-Yo Christmas Elf

Have any of you ever received a letter from a grade schooler asking you to take a picture of “HAROLD” and send it back to her or him? Harold isn’t a real person, but rather a doll of some sort — paper, stuffed, or otherwise. You did your best to oblige and tried to get Harold next to a WELCOME TO WASHINGTON or whichever state you lived in sign when you took the picture.

WELL … a very mischievious Elf that has shown up at my house. He came to me as a pattern but there was a warning with it saying that he liked to travel so be sure and put your phone number in his pocket and don’t be surprised when you put him one place and he shows up in another.

As I said, he came as a pattern, and not having the time to get to the project right away I placed him in a safe place upstairs. This morning I found him downstairs on my cutting table and the package was opened. The package says his name is “YO-YO CHRISTMAS ELF” but I’m thinking he needs a much sharper name than that … oh dear, I see he has a twin brother in there with him. Two of them may be more than I can handle!

I’m sure the “boys” and I are going to have a wonderful adventure but first I have to bring them to life. These darling little Elves are one of the latest awesome designs by Amy Barickman and Indygo Junction. I will post my adventures as I make and give life to the two Elves, BUT… we need names for these two cuties and for the next few weeks I will be accepting suggestions. The winner will receive a pattern and a set of Clover’s Yo-Yo Makers as these two are made using all our Yo-Yo sizes.  So, send your suggested names for these guys to by June 30.

I saw the Elves at Quilt Market when Amy brought one by the booth to, once again, show her creative magic with our Yo-Yo makers. I fell in love with them and decided we needed each other. Amy Barickman at Indygo Junction also had several adorable Yo-Yo pets and dolls. Hope you enjoy the pics.

More holiday yo-yo fun!

The Santa, Rudolph and Snowman were cute enough to make me THINK about making all those adorable Yo-Yo’s but reality set in and I will stick to making my Elves.

Another Yo-Yo cutie

How about that monkey? Who wouldn’t love to have Mr. Monkey in their lives?! No matter what their age. We all have an inner child and this little guy speaks to mine.

Whatever the project you make using the Clover Yo-Yo templates it will be fun and ever so rewarding.

We always have exciting news about our products so check back often to find out the scoop, such as tips on using the new products, thinking outside the box on their use, and other fun topics.

Happy Stitching!

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