New Products Revealed!

It’s been a busy few weeks! After spending a few days at Nancy’s Notions Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, I was home two days before heading to Salt Lake City for the International Spring Quilt Market. As always, though, it was worth the trip … or trips!

What a treat it was to leave the cold soggy Northwest and head to sunny and warm Beaver Dam for the weekend.  It’s always a blessing to spend time there with the customers who flock to this high-energy weekend of learning and BUYING!!!! I have to admit that I was right there among those purchasing “gotta have” items.

The folks that come to Beaver Dam each year are so delightful and three special ladies always make my day with their kind remarks and hugs and high energy where quilting and sewing is concerned.  To you, my three special friends, it does my heart good to have some time with you. Thanks for sharing your fun personalities with me.  Remember you all promised to write!

My three special ladies in Beaver Dam. That's me, second from the right.

I like to judge an outing is by the “friends” I make and their response to our products. In this case, it was a huge success!

Alysia shows off her purse. It was cleaver and so useful. Plus, she was creative and resourceful while recycling.Thanks for sharing with us.

Alysia Owczarski's purse was made using strips of fabric mixed in with wool she had spun.

Clover introduced three new products that weekend and they sold out! So what are these wonderful new products that were received equally well at our Spring Quilt Market?


These little clips are going to change your sewing experience. The more you use them the more places you will find to use them instead of a pin.

The genius of the Wonder Clip design is the flat bottom to make machine sewing flow smoothly. The heavy duty hinge holds even the thickest binding/quilt while stitching by hand or on the machine and the 1/2″, 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8th ” marks on the flat side (clear) of the clip allows you to accurately clip and mark where you will sew.

The BEST is that the Wonder Clips replace pins … no more blood drops on your quilts, no more bent pins, no more poked fingers …j ust a “painless” binding experience.  For those of us that love to do English paper piecing, these little clips will be a life saver. Often times when tacking the first couple of corners of the paper piece/fabric the paper template will slip and, if you’re not careful, when finishing there won’t be enough fabric to correctly finish. Just place a clip on the fabric/paper template and NO MORE SHIFTING!.

Wonder Clips are available on a card with 10 clips, or in a box of 50.  Check them out at your local quilting/crafting store.

Now I have another MUST HAVE for my sewing kit!

The red clip is placed on the front of your work, stitch along the red edge.

The clear clip is placed on the backside of your work and shows the stitch line will be at the end of the clip!


Ok, I have to admit that I have M-A-Y-B-E gone a little overboard in that I have pieced two quilt tops and one tote bag with this version of the traditional Grandmothers Flower Garden and the Honeycomb design. There is also a second template in this pack for the Tumbler quilt design and I am making one of those for one of my Grandsons.

This new template from Clover is designed by the first lady of sewing, Nancy Zieman. And just like the previous quilt templates for the Lone Star and Dresden Plate, the Grandmother’s One Patch simplifies the quilting experience. No more Y SEAMS! Yes, you read correctly … no more Y seams to frustrate you. Check out the secret to this quick solution. They go together so quickly you can’t make just one!

Placemat using the 8" hexagon on the template.

I used the 8″ hexagon and cut on the fold of the material to produce a quick and easy but awesome looking placemat. The hot pad was made using the 4″ hexagon cut on the fold as was the coaster with the 2″ hexagon.  What a great, quick-to-make gift set that will wow the recipient. I also made a napkin holder (seen next to the coaster) using Clover’s Create A Strap and a small Pointed Kanzashi flower.  Now you can “dress” your table for any occasion.

Hot pad and coaster using the 4" and 2" hexagon.


What, you ask, is a Kanzashi Flower Template? Just one more amazing addition to the Clover Flower Family. If you loved the Flower Frills you are going to do cartwheels over these awesome new flowers. Kanzashi flower making has a long history in Japan and the flowers are made by folding fabric. Clover now has a template that produces these beautiful flowers simply by following the numbers on the template with needle and thread.

There are three styles (pointed, gathered, and round) with a large and small for each style for 6 templates total. Each one is beautiful and fun to make. Check out these videos to see how the templates work:

Fun with Kanzashi!

We were fortunate to have a very special quilt made using our Kanzashi flower templates.  The very talented designer, Laura Reinstatler created a most amazing quilt using Kanzashi flowers and the petals to build the design. We hope you enjoy it as much as those attending Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.

This quilt was made with Kanzashi flowers made with the new templates. Individual petals were used to create dimension.

The detail work involved in this quilt (below) is mind boggling.  We applaud the talent of this creative designer.

I’m so excited by these new products and I can’t wait till we are able to talk about the new products to be released in coming months. You’ll just have to keep coming back to see whats new and exciting.

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