Must-Have Tool: Ball Point Awl

Ball Point Awl

The Ball Point Awl is used for making a hole by carefully stretching the fabric without thread breakage, but I use it for just about everything. I love this little awl! It’s awesome for pulling threads out when I can’t find my seam ripper, and it doubles as a stiletto when I need to guide the ends of my sewing through the machine. Turning corners is much easier with the help of this little tool.  If you don’t have one, you should!

My grandmother-in-law was from Sweden and loved to do cut work embroidery.  She would also make eyelet button holes and often used an awl to open the hole for those buttonholes … little round ones. I imagine she would have loved working with the ballpoint awl.

The pillow case in these pictures was started when my daughter was 7. She is now 45. I seriously doubt I will ever finish the set but when I could see better and had the time, this form of embroidery was a favorite pasttime for me. I would use the awl to make the hole in the butterfly wings as it is too small to get scissors into.

I used the Ball Point Awl for the holes in the butterfly wings.

The Ball Point Awl is a must-have tool, so treat yourself and add it this multi-tasking tool to your essentials bag. It may not be a trip to the spa, but it certainly is a treat to work with!

I started this pillowcase 38 years ago!

4 thoughts on “Must-Have Tool: Ball Point Awl

    • Patricia, i had to laugh at your post…..heavens girl…. every one with a creative gene has UFO’s. For me the creative process is about starting a new project…….NOT finishing one. I wish I was like my Mom who starts one project, finishes it and THEN goes on to another one….her closets are much tidier than mine!!

    • Katrina, you nailed it…..the point is like a ball point pen rather than an ice pick….heavens, do many even know what an ice pick is these days? I think I just dated myself. Once you start to work with the ball point awl you will fall in love with it. thanks for writing

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