Fran’s Creative Corner, Lace, Part I

Needlecraft magazine, 1915

I was blessed several years ago with a gift of 20 Needlework “magazines” from the 1920s. I lovingly take them down from time to time and look through them,providing me a respite from the fast pace of my daily life. Can you see the date on this magazine?  December 1915 !  Wow … talk about a trip through the past. Each edition is a real adventure.

Clover's Lace Making Tool

While recently spending some time with my treasured magazines I came across several articles about hairpin lace and how to join them for different projects. Two articles caught my attention and made me race to my stash of Clover lace-making products and my collection of crochet thread from Handy Hands to gather what I would need to make some lace for pillow cases and sheets.

Hairping lace instructions circa 1915

Like I would allow anyone to actually sleep on a pillow case or sheet I had made lace for!! It’s kind of like the tablecloths some family member made and we put away to “preserve.” But they’re really meant to be used so I suppose I will take my treasures out and use them.

In case any of you were searching for crocheted nylon attachments to your garter belt I would gladly share a pattern with you from one of my magazines!  Those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about are known as the pantyhose generation.

But not all the projects in the old magazies are outdated. I fell in love with a little pillow and purse so they might just end up as one of my April lace projects.

Once you’ve made a lace project, cleaning them is very important and this month I will focus on making different kinds of lace and the care and cleaning of those precious pieces.

Clover's Soft Touch Crochet Hooks are great for lace making.

I may love my old magazines, but I can’t wait to receive Piecework Magazine’s 4th annual lace issue. I love the description of it … “LACE, connecting the past with the present.”

So, all my faithful followers, check back this month and follow along on my adventure with lace and the great lace making products Clover has to offer. I can’t wait to share with you! I’m already working on it.

Check back and see what I decided to make!

Happy Stitching!

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