International Textile Expo in Viva Las Vegas

International Textiles Expo in Las Vegas


The time to travel had arrived and I scurried about packing – first my demo and model suitcase with all my tools and fabric, etc., needed to dazzle the attendees with our new products.  I worry more over that case than the one with clothes and makeup.  After all, there are always hotel gift shops and clothing stores close by!

Doesn't the Clover Booth look great?

Las Vegas is always an exciting place with all the glitz and activities going on … so much energy that you can’t help but feel excited.  I love the International Textiles Expo. Who wouldn’t love to be in a room with booth after booth of exotic fabrics, lace, beads and all kinds of trims and embellishments one could imagine.  Some of the fabrics take your breath away by the delicate beauty and others make you want to wear feathers and high heels and dance as though no one is watching.

It’s thrilling for me to be able to meet and talk with many of the costume designers for the big Las Vegas shows.  They love our tools and are eager to learn what is new or what they haven’t seen before.  I would love to follow them around the show and see the materials and trims they purchase for the next big extravaganza show.

Flower Frills make great holiday centerpieces.

The Flower Frill templates made a huge hit with the attendees at the show … as they have at every show since we introduced them. The costume designers fell in love with these saucy little flowers that are easier than pie to make.  (I have to admit I make a better Flower Frill than I do a pie.)  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to see a Las Vegas performer wearing Flower Frills on stage?!  If you want to make the fabulous center piece using the Flower Frills, click here to download the project sheet.

One of the favorite scissors of the costume designers at the International Textiles Expo are our Patchwork Scissors because they’re serrated.  Serrated blades hold the fine fabrics that tend to slip when being cut and make for a precision straight cut.  The blades hold the fabric keeping it from slipping around while cutting.

Alicia Salazar, Phil South and Alex Casimiro show off some of the feather boas that were in the booth across the aisle from us. Remember – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … unless someone catches it on film!

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head back to headquarters and prepare for the next big show in May.  Spring Quilt Market will be held in Salt Lake City this year and we are all looking forward to seeing old friends and making new while showing some exciting new products.

It will be another few weeks before I can let you in on the new products, but you are going to  love, love, love them.

Until next time …

Happy Stitching!

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