Creating For a Cause

I hope this is an awesome day for you all. The news these days is filled with stories about strife and turmoil the world over, and we in America are quick to offer help to those in other countries who are in need.  We’re also quick to reach out to those in our own country that need that little touch of love to brighten their lives. I’ve enjoyed making knit hats for preemie babies so much that I am doing a search for other great orgnizations that offer love and comfort through handmade items.

Each month I’ll feature a couple of groups that we as knitters, crocheters, sewers and quilters can contribute to with simple things like hats, scarves, socks and even simple knit/crochet blocks for blankets.

As you browse through the list that will grow to include something everyone can do without too much time or money, please let us know how contributing to these organizations has affected your lives. It takes only one small gesture to bring a smile to someone’s heart.  No matter how little we might have there are those that have less. To share is to give oneself a gift of joy.

Also, please send me the name and a link to your favorite charitable organization our readers can knit, crochet, sew or quilt for. We will gladly share as much information as we can with everyone. You can also contact your local organizations and ask what their needs are.

This month’s featured sites are:

1.  The Ships Project

Sends to U.S. deployed military troops handmade “hugs from home” in the form of knitted hats and slippers and sewn fleece hats and slippers, as well as cool ties. Since its inception on October 19, 2001, they have sent over 241,000 “hugs from home.”

2.  Touching Little Lives

An all volunteer, non profit organization dedicated to providing necessity items to premature and needy infants in Ohio.  They are in desperate need of knitted newborn size hats and booties, as well as 30″ X30″ afghans.

2 thoughts on “Creating For a Cause

    • Thank you so much for your concern…yes, our factories and staff are all safe. Clover is a Japanese based company and all products are made there. Our home office is in Osaka, Japan which is a good distance from Toyoko. Osaka felt the quake but no damage. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the Japanese in the aftermath of such devastation. Again, thank you for asking. Take care

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