Finishing Sew Expo

I was dreaming of a bag of mini doughnuts!

WOW! What a ride SEW EXPO was! We all had a ball meeting and visiting with the awesome attendees. The Clover crew really treasures the opportunities to spend time with the end consumer of our products and the creative force that drives the market.

Working a retail show is fast paced and hectic and we all have moments that can only be handled with fresh scones and raspberry jelly, mini doughnuts, barbecue sandwiches …. and TUMS!  It’s a fun few days and I truly hope you all have the opportunity to attend an event like Sew Expo where your creative energies will be aroused and you will shop till you drop … after you’ve learned exciting new techniques and skills in the many classes.

At the Clover Lounge there were games and a play station where visitors could sit and make frill flowers and use our great rotary cutters and mats.

Carol (left), Clover's Educational Director, answers questions at the Frill Toss game table. Note the giveaway sign. We also had a drawing for the new Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles, Takumi Combo Set. Lots of sewers and quilters also knit.

Raquel, right, is another Clover team member. She's showing this monther and daughter how to make a Flower Frill.

Rhiana, age 12

Rhiana, age 12, is an avid crafter and loves to create her own designs and projects.

She loved working with the Frill Flower templates and proudly displayed her finished flower pin.

We are always excited about the creative young crafters we’re able to speak with. It’s rewarding to see the talent coming up through the ranks.  I can’t wait to see other creative projects this adorable young lady will produce.

I was so appreciative of the lady who shared with me that she made her hat by cutting up an old camel hair coat and using Clover’s needle felting tools to make the leaf designs. (See photo.) We had a lovely chat and I wish I could see the other hats she has made for herself.  Thanks lovely had lady for sharing with us!

Lovely hat lady

Phil, Clover's sales rep for the Northwest in dark blue and Bill, our communications and media relations consultant (light blue), hard at work

Over in the Showplex building, more Clover guys and gals were hard at work demonstrating our products and showing the creative results of their work.

This display in our booth showed how a fabulous Flower Frill adds the perfect touch to this necklace.

We all had a marvelous exciting time and look forward to next year. Hopefully we’ll see you there, or somewhere else along the road.

We love hearing from you so please drop us a note and ask your questions or share your projects.

Happy Stitching!

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