Worry-free in Paradise

I think I may have reached the state of relaxation and “no worry” because I can’t tell you without doing some math what day of vacation it is. I can tell you I could and would live down here if only I could win the lottery … gotta buy a ticket, I guess.

It’s turned hot … well warmer than the past week as it rarely gets over 85-degrees.  The pool has been wonderful and I have to admit we have been here over a week and a half and haven’t set toes in the ocean. With my new hip I’m a little leary of  snorkeling which I absolutely love.  Since the hip popped out of joint shortlly after surgery I fear those heavy dive fins and the flapping motion will pop it again. But, I’ve been in the pool most every day and had no trouble so off to the ocean to snorkel we go this morning.

I’m loving the peaceful time to work on my applique but after so many days in a row I must admit I am missing my knitting. I was working on two strand mittens before leaving home and am eager to finish the second one and start on something else with more than one color yarn.The mittens have a tree pattern on one side and a different design on the other.

I made the first mitten with the 9″ Takumi Bamboo circulars and wanted to make the second with the doublepoints. I loved working with both needles.

I’m finding while working with graphs and the double point needles if I break the graph into 4 or 5 sections, depending upon how many dp’s I am using, I know which section of graph corresponds to which needle.  Helps keepme on the right row and section.

I would LOVE  to hear any tips you have that help you when working with graphs. I’m addicted to this form of knitting and know I will produce some fun items before the addiction wears off and I move on to some other form of needlework.

Now, let’s talk about my second favorite topic — food! The Island has a high number of Rasta’s and they are for the most part, vegetarian. I, too, could easily be vegetarian so I was excited to find a great Vegan restaurant in downtown Christiansted. John, being a meat and potato kind of guy, was gracious enough to agree to lunch there. He ordered Lasagna thinking there would be a noodle in there somewhere. I could tell he wasn’t overly excited about his choice so decided to snap a pic of his plate. When I looked at him I decided his face was far better than a pic of the plate.

I took him to KFC when we left the restaurant. It was good food and another beautiful setting.

From the wonderful vegetarian lunch and a quick run through at KFC we were headed back to the pool and maybe a nap.

On the way home we made a quick detour to the wee little fabric store in Fredriksted.  I mean WEE LITTLE. There were maybe 30 bolts of cotton fabrics but I was able to find several batiks that spoke to me. Of course, being the talker I am and loving the company I work with, I generally introduce myself as working for Clover Needlecraft. That generates a conversation about which product they like the most. This time I got a blank stare. Guess Clover hasn’t made it to the islands yet.

I got her card and will send her a catalog when I get home. Every store with fabric needs Clover products. One thing I did see outside the 12 colors of worsted weight yarn and 30 colors of crochet thread were silk flowers for headpieces and lace inserts for wedding items.  They need the Flower Frill down here!

Well, John is urging me to hit the road so tomorrow I will tell you about the near tussle I had with a lady over my desk needle threader.

Stay warm!

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