Crafting in the Caribbean, St. Croix (Day 6)

Another Day in Paradise!

My chair - notice that John's is in the shade!


Oh how I wish I could “beam you all” to the island to sit on the beach and do handwork with me! I was sitting under a sea grape tree working on my applique when a lady approached and asked to see what I was working on. I invited her to sit and talk – she is expecting her first grandchild and was talking about the shower the relatives were giving the new mom-to-be. They were having a little trouble coming up with decorations and I mentioned Clover’s new FLOWER FRILL TEMPLATES for making the perfect decoration for any kind of celebration.

I went scrounging through my huge craft travel bag and found a small Flower Frill template. Right there on the sandy beach in paradise I gave the lady from Des Moines, Iowa, a lesson in flower frilling. She was ready to go home and start the process but, unfortunately for her creative urges, they had another week on the island. I told her there was a wee small fabric shop in Frederiksted that MIGHT have some appropriate fabric to make a few flowers with. I don’t think her husband was too pleased he had to leave the beach and search out the wee small fabric shop!

Flower Frill Templates really are the perfect answer to decorating for any kind of celebration from children’s parties to weddings and showers — simple with tissue paper to elegant with exotic fabrics. And they make great embellishments for dresses, jewelry or hair adornments.

I am constantly amazed, as I travel, how my handwork encourages strangers to come and talk and share. And I do love to talk and share when it comes to my crafty projects!

We have had a little rain the past two days but I find that naps in the rain are quite lovely … NO … not actually in the rain …  but during a rain storm.

I will be working hard at resting and enjoying the remaining days of my vacation as I will hit the ground running when I return home. Clover has its first showing at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington, March 3-6. It’s a great show and it’s huge! Clover is the show’s official notions sponsor and the building formerly known as Expo Hall will be called Clover Hall! Clover is supplying all the classrooms with standard sewing supplies. And there will be a Clover Lounge where you can actually “play” with our products. Plus! We’ll have  booth in the exhibit hall where you can watch demonstration. So, for those of you attending the event, do some see me, along with the rest of the Clover team!

Oh, Big Charley and Leo asked me to share their pictures with you all. Haven’t seen Iggy lately. I think he went to a rehabilitation tree for a few days rest after his fall.

Leo, the King-of-the-tree wanna be.

Leo would like to be King of the tree but the times I have spent watching the boys I have to say I believe Big Charley holds that title. Gretta, Big Charley’s “friend” seems to think she’s queen.  Shes’ a little shy when the camera comes out but hopefully I will get a pic of her also. She seems very interested in my applique technique.

Big Charley - do you like what he's done with his hair?



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