Crafting in the Caribbean, St. Croix (Day 1-3)

One of our favorite hang out beaches


Hey Everyone! I’m blogging from sunny St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands for the next three weeks. I thought I would have to throw John’s (husband) clothes out to get all my crafting items in the suitcase but we worked it out.  Let’s just say my carry-on was probably close to  50 lbs but I was able to get everything I will need to make this the best of all vacations.

I have my applique quilt blocks to work on, two strand mittens to knit, crochet thread for a tablecloth project under way and of course extra yarn for other projects just in case I manage to get all the above finished ….. HA!

This is actually day 3 of the trip. Day one was not as wonderful as one would wish as hubby was hit with a nasty 24-hour stomach flu the minute we reached our airline gate. Let’s just say before we landed in Dallas the flight attendant was gathering little “goodie” bags from all the rows. As they wheeled him off in a wheelchair she mentioned that she was pretty sure 14 bags was the highest number for one 4-hour flight.

Ahhhhhh, but we were not done! The flight from Dallas to San Juan, Puerto Rico, only saw half that number of bags and the puddle jumper that had several passengers praying  loudly didn’t phase him a bit.

Day 2 found us sleeping till noon and then a run to the grocery store, a nap and a movie at our friends’ house before John went for a swim in the pool and then to bed. I was able to pull out all my needlework projects and line them up on a counter so I would be ready for day 3.

Day 3 dawned sunny and warm and I spent the better part of the morning on the deck appliquing and watching the Iguanas in the huge old Mahogany tree.



Unfortunately one of them fell out of the tree. In case you wondered, they do not fall gracefully and they do not bounce. “Iggy,” as I had dubbed him, started to crawl off toward the tree he had recently vacated and I didn’t give much thought to him until this evening when we walked back from the pool and found him dead under the tree. Sadness.

We are off to dinner with friends at a sea side restaurant to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary and their 30 something wedding anniversary.  Tomorrow looks like it will be a hard day of sleeping in and time at the beach.  I think crochet or applique will be the needlework of choice for the beach. Will keep you posted.

By the way, I’ve located a fabric shop in Frederikstad and will check it out and let you know what I find. There’s a quilt group on the island and I would love to attend a meeting and see what these creative island ladies are working on.

One thought on “Crafting in the Caribbean, St. Croix (Day 1-3)

  1. I am going to have a baby on St Croix and would like a baby blanket/quilt made on the island. IS anyone interested in this project. Willing to pay up to $100. Organic materials preferred. Gender neutral. Please send me some pics of you projects. Thanks.

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