Crafting in the Caribbean, St. Croix (Day 4)

I have good news! It seems Iggy the Iguana did not follow the bright light to Iguana heaven but was in an Iguana coma healing himself from the fall. Good thing I cautioned John to make sure we didn’t smush him with the car. Iggy is off in the bushes  slowly making his way back to the tree. I don’t know if the male Iguana display was a territorial issue or showing off for the ladies ( how you tell the difference is beyond me but I guess the Iguanas know) but BIG GEORGE was really putting on a show this morning in the Mahogany tree.


Since hubby John is still in bed with the last bit of the stomach flu I will take myself down to the pool and play in the water.

The beach will have to wait till another day.


The Pool

This view is from the pool looking toward the house which can’t be seen for the trees. It’s the dry season in the Caribbean and the wind through the trees rattle the dry seed pods making its own kind of music. Have you ever noticed how warm air smells sooooo much better than cold air?

Home away from home

The trees and shrubs are starting to bloom so I am surrounded with color and textures that make the creative spirit explode.

I can’t wait to get to the fabric shop in town and see what’s there. Who knows, I may return home with a tropical quilt in the works!

With the warm temps I find the applique and tablecloth project will be the ones I work with as the wool mitts are just too warm to work with comfortably.  Hubby John is finally getting over his bout with stomach flu and we took a little drive around the island.  The sunsets are beautiful and we all watch for that little green flash as the sun goes beyond the horizon.

I will have some pics of my applique tomorrow and maybe even one or two of us in the water…whee!


Walkway to car

Plants that are weeds here in the topics are pampered house plants at home.  I had a crown of thorns for years and let me assure you, it never got this big!

Till tomorrow…….

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