Adventures in Spinning

This is so exciting I’m thinking of calling CNN or maybe Oprah and let them know that I am taking a SPINNING CLASS!  My Dr. will probably be excited to hear….hopefully she will think I mean the bicycle class that involves E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E!

As a child I watched my grandmother “card” cotton in the evenings on the front porch of her rural Mississippi home.  Once I learned to knit and crochet I equated carding cotton or wool with spinning yarn but never could remember her doing that.  My Mother reminded me that she used the carded cotton as batting in her quilts.  In those days if you wanted a cover to keep warm with you made it.

Spinning yarn has always drawn me…there just seems like there is something magical about the process.  As in the book EAT-LOVE-PRAY I can’t go to Italy for 4 months and eat pasta or to India to learn to meditate and I have already fallen in love so spinning seemed like the best way to meditate.



My own spindle and "hunk" of fleece.

Since I have access to the BEST knitting needles in the world I thought it would be fun to spin my own yarn and use those excellent needles to whip up some shape, form or fashion of a garment.

My first class was this past weekend and was it an eye opener.  The DROP SPINDLE was my first weapon of choice since it seems I need to learn the process before purchasing an expensive spinning wheel.  My husband was glad to hear this.

I was presented with my own spindle and “hunk” of fleece.  I learned about the different ways to buy roving….bats that can also be used for quilts and…

I had to learn to spin with both.  I’m thinking I will master this and have enough yarn to knit sweaters for my entire family within a few weeks.


Lordy!  I spent 3 hours with my delightful teacher and came away with this….

As you can see WE spinners ( for now I am one!) use only the most tuck of tools.

I am practicing each day and I am improving but I have learned many things

1.  I will NEVER resent the cost of yarn again.

2.  I will not look at a toilet paper roll the same way.

3.  I have determination to master this skill


5.  I will NOT be making sweaters for the family.

6.  I may – one day – make a sock.

This drop spindle is a dragon….my teacher’s son spins and wanted a “manly” drop spindle. There are some that are painted with beautiful scenes.  Mine remains unfinished until I reach that meditative state that allows me to understand the spirit of my spindle.

Stay tuned for further updates on my adventure with spinning.

My progress just might surprise you!

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