The Road Trip with Hubby (Day 6)

Another beautiful morning to wake to .. our last!  We quickly packed and headed out paying fond farewell to the Lady of the Lake as we hit the road.

Road trip with hubby 078

Remember I mentioned earlier that all pictures were taken from a moving car….well….this day the car was moving even faster.  We returned home through eastern Oregon which is absolutely beautiful.  The wildflowers were in full bloom and I could not get Hubby to slow down ( heaven forbid we should actually stop) to get pictures.  I did get one shot when we had to stop for a train but it was a bond of contention on this, our last day together.

Road trip with hubby 068

Road trip with hubby 081

Road trip with hubby 087

Oregon has some beautiful mountains and it is always with awe that I remember they are all in a chain of volcano’s that were once active.  I took a picture of the lava field but at 70 mph there is not the fine defination of a picture taken while standing still. smile!

Road trip with hubby 093

It has been a great trip and I am thankful for the time to see parts of our country not seen before and to have some time with Hubby.

The sun set long before we pulled into the garage at 1:00 in the morning.  Thirteen hours in the car – 700 miles and our home bed had never felt so welcoming.

Road trip with hubby 092

Washington State's version of stonehenge

Thanks for sharing the trip with me.  Now that I’m home I am eager to start on some of the projects I purchased yarn for in Truckee, CA.


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