The Road Trip with Hubby (Day 5)

Day 5 dawned bright and sunny.  It has come to my attention that people who live in sunny areas seem to enjoy  E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E !!  Amazing!  They ride bikes, walk, hike, water ski, swim…..I’m worn out just watching them.  Surely I have lost weight just watching all this activity!

Our quest today was to find the most elusive yarn shop and we dedicated the whole day to just that task…no matter how far we had to go.

After a little over an hour of breathtaking scenery we came upon a little town — Truckee, CA — on the opposite side of the lake from where we are staying.  Lake Tahoe is larger than some of our states!!! and each little bay and cove offers new and interesting scenery.

Road trip with hubby 066

But, back to the great hunt for yarn … as I said, I would search until I found a yarn shop and I would buy at least one skein of yarn even if it was the ugliest yarn in the whole united states.  Fortunately I didn’t have to buy ugly yarn because LAKE TAHOE YARN COMPANY in Truckee, Ca had 3 rooms full of spectacular yarns.  Some of these beautiful dyed yarns are dyed by the owner, Kelly.  I have a lovely visit with Kelly and found a kindred spirit.

Road trip with hubby 072

Road trip with hubby 069

Road trip with hubby 069

Road trip with hubby 070

I was so taken with her models I wanted to sit and knit one of them while visiting with this lovely lady.  I came away with some fantastic yarn and several model ideas for Clover’s booth AND a most fantastic book on lace knitting.  The Haapsalu Shawl – A Knitted Lace Tradition from Estonia.  I will enjoy reading it on the way home and know I will have a hard time deciding on the design I will work first.  Check this out if you haven’t seen it.


Road trip with hubby 073

If you are in the Reno , NV / Truckee, Ca take a side trip and check out the Lake Tahoe Yarn Company at 11008 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee, CA.

Another quest today was the “perfect Pine cone”…. I found it but John declined to recover it for me!

Did I forget to mention it was at the top of a 250 foot tree.

It’s evening and the sun is setting… we are off to dinner at the Thai restaurant we found.  Tomorrow we pack up and head home.  Check in tomorrow to see how day 6 goes.


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