Road Trip with Hubby (Day 4)

Dawn comes early when you are on vacation but we hit the road with a little “Mickey D’s” food and coffee… we had 500 miles to cover.

Yosemite here we come.  When I say I am going on a road trip with John I literally mean we are on the road most of the days.  I love the scenery and time to reconnect with him.  Our busy schedules keep us going in different directions most of the time.

Three days looking for a yarn shop and no luck.  We made it into Yosemite just as the battery in my camera died… battery, no yarn shop.  John graciously shared his camera with me so we were able to capture the high points of the park.  It is breathtaking and I couldn’t leave the park gift shop without several books on the park, John Muir, Ansel Adams and one titled, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our children from nature-deficit disorder, by Richard Louv.  I am enjoying it immensely.

There are too many pics to share all of them with you but what follows are just a few.

Road trip with hubby 042

Road trip with hubby 043

Wild flowers were everywhere.  I wish i had been able to capture more than these two…maybe tomorrow.

We returned to South Lake Tahoe a different route and passed through many little towns from the gold rush days.  It is with joy that I can tell you I found 3 yarn shops and 1 quilt shop….all on Sunday and all closed.  Tomorrow John has promised we WILL find a yarn shop if we have to retrace our steps!!! oh goodie!

It was sunset as we drove into Lake Tahoe with the clouds turning that soft rosy glow that comes with sunset.

So ends day 4.  We are still speaking.

Till tomorrow…..


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