The Road Trip with Hubby (Day 2)

Sisque Mountains

Driving through the Sisque Mountains this morning was a feast for the senses.   How beautiful Mt Shasta might have been had the clouds lifted long enough to see it.  In size alone it was magnificent so I have no complaints.  Washington’s Mt Rainier has been known to hide from time to time.

Mt. Rainier

Big & Little Vehicles

Further down the road Mt Lassen was more than happy to pose for all the tourists.  I learned yesterday to put down the lace knitting when beautiful sights were coming and today had only 4 rows that had to be “un-stitched”.  I am in dire need of a yarn shop as I somehow “misplaced” one of my knitting needles….bummer.  Each little town we drove through was checked with care for a yarn shop but none were found.  Do people not knit in the mountains of Northern California??

Mt. Lassen

Mt. Lassen

The evidence of several major wild fires in the mountains made it clear to all viewers the destructive force of these events.  The burned trees still standing looked like pieces of art.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and small miracles are everywhere if we can see with our hearts eye.

A side trip to Burney Falls in Lassen National Park was well worth the time.  I found a bench in the shade and knit on my shawl while hubby did a little hiking.  I could have spent much more time there listening to the falls, smelling the pine scented air and listening to the birds.  It was a fantastic mental spa treatment.

Burney falls the replacement needle can be found I will be working with my yoyo project.  I wonder how long it will take to make enough of the “sets” to complete a bed cover.  It might just end up being one of those once in a life time finds at the estate sale my children have when I pass away.

Lake Tahoe is very large and I imagine hubby and I will have lovely walks to the beach area…to the shops in town also.  Tomorrow brings day 3 and an unplanned agenda….other than finding a yarn shop and we all know once that happens it could bring on a whole new adventure.

Till tomorrow…..



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