The Road Trip with Hubby (Day 1)

I had my usual bit of confusion about packing enough projects but managed to get in the car with 4 before John started threatening.  I am making a lace patterned shawl with lace weight yarn….my first attempt at serious lace.  My Grandmother’s Flower Garden yo yo quilt top is snuggled safely in my bag to work on along with the table cloth I am crocheting for my Granddaughter’s wedding gift AND a pair of socks knit from the toe up.  I am looking forward to learning this technique as many have said you get a better fit working from the toe up.  If you use the toe up method I would love hearing from you.

Day one has ended well, we are still speaking and laughing at each others funny stories.  Hopefully day two will continue to be as pleasant.

I have found that working on a fine lace scarf using a graph and looking at the amazing scenery has not been my most successful venture.  I will do better tomorrow.

Driving through south central Oregon today among the valleys and mountains was awe inspiring.  It never fails to amaze me how quickly Nature relaxes one and fills the spirit with energy….could have had something to do with the sun and warm temps we were experiencing.  There is actually summer in other parts of the U.S.

Till tomorrow…..


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