TNNA Winter 2010

The National Needlework Association Show @ Long Beach, CA

The Long Beach Convention Center

Please note the palm trees and sunshine and lack of snow on the ground in the above picture.

Here it is January and most of the nation is freezing and dealing with unusually cold weather and the Clover crew is blessed to be working a trade show in Long Beach, California. It is always such fun to greet the new year and the first of the wholesale trade shows Clover exhibits at because I get to see what’s new in the market and also have the privilege to show the new and exciting products Clover is offering.

The TNNA show is filled with yarns and all that goes with knitting and crochet and lace work and beautiful hand painted needlepoint canvases and all the amazing fibers used to work those designs.  Of course I think I have to have any and all that is new in the yarn and accessories area and want to rush right home and make every beautiful sweater, wrap, purse, etc., that I have seen at the show.

Blog pics 004

I had the great privalige of sitting across from these yummy knit items.  The colors and textures made me want to whip out our super glide Takumi Velvet knitting needles and start working on a project.

Blog pics 009

Edith Eig

We were honored to have as guest demonstrator in our booth, Ms Edith Eig owner of La Knitterie Parisienne, a retail shop in Hollywood; tv personality and needlework instructor to the stars. Edith is such a joy to visit with and so knowledgeable in the field of knitting and crochet that I could spend all day just learning from her. We are always thrilled to have her visit our booth and share her wisdom with customers! Thanks Edith, it was a treat to be with you again.

The new product we showcased in Long Beach is our Double Ended Tunisian Crochet Hook that allows you to work in the round creating as many projects as your imagination allows. This technique produces beautiful projects that have two colors of yarn used throughout. Clover has a very creative project sheet with projects that can be used in our everyday lives. Who wouldn’t love to have several of these useful coffee cozies for their morning lattes?? Great for gifts or for yourself. If you have a round object you would like to cover, Double Ended Tunisian Crochet is the method to accomplish this task. You are making a tube which can be plain or fancy depending upon your project need. From a Pringle can cover to a quick and whimisical purse, this form of Tunisian Crochet will make it happen.


Everyday Essentials made with Double-Ended Tunisian Crochet Hooks

The instructions for the projects shown are available on our clover website, Check out the website for other great project ideas and instructions.

There are several informative magazines on the newsstands now that feature Tunisian Crochet done in flat work. One of my favorites is Interweave’s Crochet magazine. Its cover picture is a beautiful Tunisian Crochet Ruana done in the entrelac technique. Can’t wait to start working on that project! Check out your local fiber stores to see the other great Tunisian Crochet patterns available.

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