Scarf Patterns I Love

I can’t believe that I just blew away my entire post….one of these days I will learn to use the computer properly!!  I have just about finished the Jojoland lace scarf and have only a few more motiffs to add before finishing the blocking process.  It has been a joy to work this pattern into the amazing finished product.  The dying of the yarn makes the blocks work up a different color so it really is a no brainer.  Just wish my computer was as easy to manage! The hardest part of this scarf is going to be standing in line at the post office to mail it.  Guess I will just take along a pair of socks to work on.  There are several pair of socks in the works positioned all over the house and one pair in the car.  I never want to sit down and not have something to work on.  Do you think I border on obsession???  I’m pretty sure, by the looks of my work room, that I am a borderline hoarder of fabric and yarn.  Or….doe that just make me an avid quilter and knitter?

Blog pics 001

You can see the color distribution in the blocks.  I hope you will give this pattern a try…a lot of bang for a little effort.

This pattern, using larger needles, would be perfect to make an afghan using up all my left over worsted weight yarns.  Maybe that’s a project I can start over the holidays.  I try and organzie my work room over the holiday break in preparation for the next years travel/show schedule.  I doubt I will have any trouble finding yarns to work this up with…the two outside rows could be worked in black and the inside swirl pattern in whatever yarn I have available…the new granny square!  I will let you know how that works.

The other project keepeing me busy is the Stained Glass Bubble Scarf by Rainy Day Knits.  If you haven’t heard of this creative young designer check her site out… Rainy Day …Once the scarf is finished I am going to make the hat to go along with it.  A Christmas gift for next year.  I have FINALLY figured out that to finish by the holidays I have to start now.  I may be slow but I am a happy knitter!  Jen Hurley, designer for Rainy Day Knits, has just made available a sock pattern to go along with the hat and scarf and don’t you know…I have the pattern and am dying to start on those georgeous socks.

Blog pics 002

This pattern shows up in a picture better if you are using brighter colors but I didn’t think my son would like a hot pink and purple combination so stuck to neutrals.

This pattern is just such fun to work I want to make one in every color way I can find.  I will still be working on them when I move into the “home”.

Check out the new category I have added.  Bill Gardner is our guest contributor this month.  I would like to have a “blog blurb” monthly from people out there that love the hand crafts so look for the new posts.

“Life is not a spectacle or a feast; it is a predicament.”
– George Santayana

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