Upcoming Clover Events

December is considered down time for the Clover Girls but in truth we are constantly working on something or preparing for the next Trade Show.  In January we will be traveling to Long Beach, Ca for the National Needlework Association (TNNA) show which features yarns and all yarn related products as well as the needlepoint and cross stitch products.  It is always fun to see all the new knitting and crocheting patterns and can’t live without yarns.  We will travel to Anaheim, CA for the Craft Hobby Association (CHA) which features a lot of scrapbooking, soft crafts, needlecrafts, home deck, fabrics and all the wonderful things a crafter or hobby enthusiast would use.

The TNNA and CHA shows are trade only and closed to the public, however, in conjunction with CHA, there will be a Craft Super Show which is open to the public.  This takes place January 22-23, and Clover will be there !  So if you’re in the area, come to the show and make a project with us.  We’d love to see you there!


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