On Bubble Scarves and More

WOW!  Thanksgiving is over and now I’m working off all that good food.  I really shouldlearn to knit while walking on the treadmill…guess I could get a stationary bike and knit as i pedal.  I hope all of you had a wonderful time with your friends and family.  My family continues to grow which is a blessing but the dining room isn’t growing along with the family.  I need an old fashioned farm house that is all kitchen and dining room.

Now that we have one holiday down and a few weeks before the next one comes along I’ve been working with determination to get those handmade Christmas gifts finished and ready to ship off.

I love the way my Jojoland scarf is working up.  Thanks to the coloration of the Melody yarn by Jojoland it looks like i have put a lot more work into the scarf than I have.  THANKS JOjOLAND YARNS!  i am nearly finished with the Cable Scarf I have been working on using Lion Brands Fisherman’s wool yarn for the guys on my list.


JoJoland / Melody Yarn Shawl / Scarf

The past month has been spent learning to work with the new products Clover will be introducing in January, making models to represent those products and writing instructions for the project sheets representing those products.  There has been little time for much else but now I can turn my attention to some projects I’ve wanted to work on for awhile now.

Carol Porter ( our Education Director) made a great scarf that really intrigued me so now that I have some free time, I’m excited to start my own.  Its the Stained Glass Bubble Scarf and Hat pattern by Rainy Day Knits.  With very little effort an amazing pattern is produced.  I can see working up several of these scarf and hat combo’s for gifts……wonder if we will see a mitten pattern by this unique company to complete the set!



Front & Back of Bubble Stitch

The scarf is knit in the round, making a tube and Clover’s 9″ circular needles works beautifully with this pattern.  For those of you not wanting to deal with the double pointed needles give the 9″ circulars a try.  I love making socks on the 9″ circulars when I’m not using Clover’s 48″ circulars and working two socks at the same time!


Takumi 9" Circular Needles

I will keep you posted on my progress with the Bubble Scarf.

I would love to see pictures of your projects and hear your stories so feel free to write and send along a picture of the little lbit of magic you are creating.

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