Chaco Liner & Fusible Web

Chaco Liner

Over the past few months I have had a few e-mails regarding the Chaco Liner not coming out of the fabric when used to mark quilts.  The Chaco Liner was originally made to mark patterns where seams and darts would be sewn, hiding the mark from the outside of the garment.  It’s a wax base product like the Tailors Chalk.

Clover has many marking pens/pencils that are designed to use for marking quilts:

White Marking Pen (for dark fabrics) #517

Water Soluble Marker (Fine) # 515  (pink)

Water Soluble Marker (Thick) #516 (blue)

Chacopen pink with Eraser (air erasable) #5012

Chacopen Blue with Eraser (water soluble) # 5013

(Both the Chacopens have a convenient Erasure for immediate erasure of unwanted marks)

Water Soluble Pencils  #5000 White

#5001  Blue

#5002  Pink

Water Soluble Pencils (1 each color) # 5003

Give one of the above products a try when next marking your quilts.


Fusible Web

Another question that has popped up recently isregarding the Fusible Web not sticking so Carol and I tested it.  Of course I ripped it out of the package and applied it with my bias tape maker and low and behold – it didn’t stick. CAROL, on the other hand, actually read the instructions!  Now there is a novel concept!!  The directions clearly state to use a medium to low heat setting on your iron when applying and guess what – IT WORKS!!!  So, for all of you out there like me – read the instructions if you are having trouble with the Fusible Web adhering.  The instructions also state to let the tape cool once applied.

Any questions or problems?  Just email me and I will find the answer for you.


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