Shamrocks & Butterflies in the Fall

Butterfly shamrock models 001Fall is here in the Northwest and our foggy, cool mornings are just perfect for a cup of coffee and some time to play with Clover’s new products. The past week has kept me busy working with two of our new Yo-Yo templates — the Butterfly and the Shamrock. It took me a time or two to get my “groove” but before long I was whipping out butterflies and puffy little shamrocks with the best of them.

Each butterfly takes on its own personality when the little antennae (floral stamen) are attached.  They’re perfect for embellishments on pillows, bags, clothing — wherever your imagination takes you these cute little butterflies will make the journey fun and enchanting. I found they work well with all lightweight materials and the chiffon’s and organdy give them a little magic.

Butterfly shamrock models 009The Shamrocks are going to be fun to use in so many ways. Combine them with the circular Yo-Yos to make new flower combinations. They also lend themselves to embellishments with some wow power, like great lapel pins for St. Patrick’s day. The instructions for both these new Yo-Yo templates are clear and easy to follow BUT, for all of you out there like myself who feel you can make the Yo-Yo without reading the instructions, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and then FOLLOW the instructions and you will have perfect Butterflies and perfect Shamrocks.

Look for the Shamrock and Butterfly templates in
your favorite store mid to late October.

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