The Clover Girls

When you see all the beautiful projects made with Clover’s great products, you may not realize the great deal of behind-the-scenes work that goes into them.I though you might like to see just how hard we Clover Girls work to show what amazing things can be made … especially with the Sweetheart Rose Maker.


Beckie Hansen is working, that's not a fabric rose in her hands.

Carol Porter and I live in the Washington-Oregon area. Beckie Hansen moved last year from Washington to Indiana but has a beautiful home on Washington’s coast, where we all met one weekend to combine efforts on the projects.


Carol is enjoying her break just as much as Beckie ... while I continue to work away ... ha!

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the great projects we came up with to represent this versatile product.

We’d love to see some of the things you’ve made with the Sweetheart Rose Maker, so send me a pic and we’ll share your hard work with our readers.


The girls said if their pictures are on the blog I had to include one of me. Since we were working on a bridal theme I thought I'd try on some of the items.

Only your imagination will limit what you can make with this product! We see so many garments decorated with fabric roses these days and the Sweetheart Rose Maker allows you to customize the colors.


All these models are featured on the Clover web site. Check them out. Who knows when you might need bridal items!

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