Summer in the Northwest

Ahhhhh! Summer has finally made its appearance and my world is loving it.  When the sun shines in the Northwest those of us living here head to the mountains or the beaches.  Being that the ocean is cold here my family heads to the mountains or to Eastern Washington where it is hot and a lot like Kansas.

June o9 014Recently my husband, John, and I took a day trip to the peninsula and visited Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.  It was breathtaking with the wildflowers just starting to bloom and we were blessed with a family of deer that were not at all bothered by us taking pictures.

The Olympics draw visitors from early summer until late fall when the first snow fall blocks the road into the observation area.  There are no roads into the mountains and it is a popular place for backpackers and serious hikers.


June o9 015

It never fails that we see “wildlife” when we visit the park.  Always there are deer but sometimes we are blessed with sightings of mother black bear and one or two cubs.  This visit it was deer.  The different birds are a joy to sit and watch while munching our sandwiches and taking in the sights.

June o9 011

Mount Olympus is the higher peak in the range and is always willing to share its beauty with those making the trip.  I live in one of the more beautiful states in our great nation and am blessed with its beauty on a daily basis….when the sun shines!!

While making the drive to the park I was busy making “flowers” on Clover’s new Hana Ami Loom.   There will be many models for this new product that I will be showing in the days to come.  The model I am working on is a shawl in shades of purple.  The thing I am most enjoying about this project is that I get to crochet the flowers together.  Fine crochet is my first love and the design I am using to finish the flower lets me enjoy both the simplicity of the loom flower and the beauty of the crochet I love to work.

This flower is being finished with a round that's a bit more fancy.

While this flower has been finished with a simple chain stitch around.

The loom comes with 6 shapes/sizes which allows the user to make projects with different looks using materials that work best with the shape and size.  The Clover Girls have enjoyed using yarn, ribbon, crochet threads and raffia to create flowers and projects.  I would enjoy seeing some of the projects you come up with using this great little tool so please send some pictures of your projects I can share with our readers.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Welcome life’s changing winds, for change can be a miraculous gift.

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