Fran @ Paducah, KY


WOW! Here I am at Paducah, KY at the greatest quilt show ever….the drive from Nashville, TN to Paducah was beautiful with the wild Dogwood trees

There are Dogwood festivals in the area this time of year but because of the nasty ice storm that hit Paducah the damage to the trees caused them to be canceled.  It was such a joy to see the white blooms mixed with the other trees in the woods along the highway.

Once at the convention center in Paducah we set up and gotready for the preview night.

The number of people that attend this event always blows me away.


People save for a year to make this their vacation and they come and take classes and buy all the treasures for them to go home and create their own heirlooms!  ………  participants come from all over the world.  I had the pleasure of talking with several women from England and what a delight they were.  Like all of us they were concerned about getting their treasures home.  The last we talked they were thinking underware (knickers) left here would allow more room for fabric….my kind of women.

I will share pictures of some of the breathtaking quilts here at the show over the next few days.  Tomorrow I will get the top 4 quilts photographed and let you all drool over them as Beckie and I have been doing.  The following pictures are some of our favorites.

The long jacket was made with yoyo’s…we are answering question after question about Clover’s Yoyo makers.  The interest among quilters is still strong.  Yea!!  We love to hear that.  The response to the Dimensional Puff Clip Set here at Paducah has been strong.  Wait till you see the incredible advent wall hanging calendar Beckie has made.  It has been a big hit here.  The attendees are also excited that the Dimensional Square can be “pieced”.  Using one in the center of a common nine-patch sure makes it “pop” for the quilter.



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